Before ordering the tilt-table clamp-on keyboard tray Please measure the table size as follows.
  The table top area must be longer than 81 cm.
 The thickness of the table top is not more than 5 cm.
 There should be no beams or frames under the table. If there is a beam or frame
          - The beam or frame must be more than 8 cm from the edge of the table, less distance is not recommended.
          - If measured, the beam or frame is 8 cm or more from the edge of the tabletop, the beam or frame should be no more            than  2 cm thick.
          - In case the beam or frame is thicker than 2 cm, the appropriate distance is recommended for use.
It is measured from the edge of the table to the beam or frame, 31 cm or more. in order to slide the tray into the storage to the fullest distance until the edge of the table

*If the table is wider than 81 cm., under the table is flat, without frame, without beams, without drawers, the table top is not thicker than 5 cm.
You can click to order now if you meet the conditions as stated.


  large drawer tray Lots of equipment

  Easy to install, just clamp on the worktable, no drilling required.

 Slide tray can be placed in - out in a drawer style.

 Save space on your desk

Product details

  Keyboard tray size (WxDxH) 51 x 31 x 5.5 cm.

  The tray can support a weight of 10 kg.

  Clamp material (c-clamp) metal / ABS plastic tray, strong and durable

  Gross weight: 2.5 kg.

  AIDATA brand

       6 1 year product warranty


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