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Clamp - on cup & Stationery holder Multi-purpose storage device, clip table type, space-saving design Can be used in a variety of ways as a helper That will help keep your table or bar organized and beautiful.

*Under the table is smooth, no frame, no beams, no drawers, the table top is not thicker than 4 cm. You can click to order if you meet the conditions as stated.

Before ordering, please measure the table size as follows.
1) The thickness of the table top is not more than 4 cm.
2) There should be no beams or frames under the table. If there is a beam or frame
2.1) The beam or frame must be more than 6 cm from the edge of the table, less distance is not recommended.
2.2) If measured, the beam or frame is at a distance of more than 6 cm from the edge of the table, the beam or frame should have a thickness of not more than 2 cm.

1. Keep compact equipment organized.
2. Easy to move, comfortable position
3. Easy to install, just clip to the table. do not drill the table
4. Save space on the desk.

Product details
1. Size (Sept. Sor.) 9.5 x 18 x 14
2. Durable ABS plastic material / metal c-clamp
3. AIDATA brand
4. 1 year product warranty

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