Desk Clamp Tilting Keyboard Tray

Brand : AIDATA


*If the table width is more than 68 cm. Under the smooth table, there is no sofa, no table post, the table thickness is not more than 4 cm Can press to order immediately if entering the steps as stated

Before ordering, please measure the table size as follows.
1) Top table area must be longer than 68 cm.
2) The thickness of the top of the table should not exceed 4 cm.
3) There should be no beams or frames under the table. If there are beams or trusses

3.1) Beam or frame must be more than 6 cm. From the edge of the table, less is not recommended. 3.2) If measured, the beam or frame should be at a distance of 6 cm. From the edge of the table, the beam or frame should be no more than 2 cm. 3.3) In the event that the beam or frame is thicker than 2 cm, the appropriate distance is recommended for use. Is measured from the edge of the table to the beam or frame 31 cm or more So that the tray can be moved as far as possible Until always on the edge of the table

• Easy to install on any work surface.
• Smooth movement sliding rail.
• No damage to desk.

• Keyboard tray size: 31x51cm
• 3 angle options
• Sturdy metal clamp fits onto desks up to 40mm
• Weight: 2kg
• Brand: AIDATA
• Warranty: 1 year

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