Sit 2 Stand GEN3 Top Standard



special features
• There is an Anti-Collision function. Developed to respond well to obstacles when the table hits an obstacle.
• During upward adjustment, if the top sheet touches an obstacle above The table will automatically drop down.
• During the downturn If the beam touches the obstacle below The table will automatically move up.

• Legs are extraordinarily large, very strong, three legs.
• Adjust up-down with dual motor system with Anti-Collision function.
• The height of the table can be adjusted from 60-125 cm.
• The screen is a digital system that tells the height - low of the table level.
• Black screen, elegant, beautiful design, waterproof, durable and easy to use.
• There is a memory system to adjust the level of the table to 4 levels.
• There is a Bluetooth system to connect to the Phone to perform various settings.
• There are applications for free download for iOS and Android systems installed.
• To use the table. full efficiency

• Dual motor system used for leveling
• Can be used with electricity 110V/230V. European Style plug.

• Supports the width of the table from 60-90 cm, the length from 120-200 cm.
• The distance of the legs of the table can be adjusted from 107.31-187.96 cm.

• 42.4 kgs


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