Anti-faigue Mat (Size M)



Categories : Anti-Fatigue Mat


• Minimize pressure on the spine and strains on the back muscles to rellievelower back pain.
• Encourage freequent changes in posture to prevent stiffness at joints andmuscles.
• Ease the stiffness in neck and shoulders which potentially headache.
• Halce the amount of energy required for supporting muscles in the back and legs.
• Sloping edges reduce the danger of stumbling and falling.
• Reduce arch heel pain caused by flattening of the feet.
• Convenient and easy to clean.

• Anti-fatigue Mat size [M] Dimension: 60 x 90 cm. / thickness 1.7 cm. / weight 2 kg.
• Material: Rubberize Gel Foam
• Brand : Ergomotive
• Weight: 2kg
• Warranty : 1 year


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