Anti-faigue Mat (Size M)



Categories : Anti-Fatigue Mat


  Minimize pressure on the spine and strains on the back muscles to rellievelower back pain.
  Encourage freequent changes in posture to prevent stiffness at joints andmuscles.
  Ease the stiffness in neck and shoulders which potentially headache.
  Halce the amount of energy required for supporting muscles in the back and legs.
  Sloping edges reduce the danger of stumbling and falling.
  Reduce arch heel pain caused by flattening of the feet.
  Convenient and easy to clean.

  Anti-fatigue Mat size [M] Dimension: 60 x 90 cm. / thickness 1.7 cm. / weight 2 kg.
 Material: Rubberize Gel Foam
 Brand : Ergomotive
 Weight: 2kg
 Warranty : 1 year


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